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Tailor My Web wants to push your website to the limits.
We have crafted hundreds of state-of-the-art features.
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When you purchase a Tailor My Web site, we purchase and annually maintain your domain name so you never have to worry about losing or renewing it.

We maintain a robust web server that backups up your site's information multiple times, securing all site information. Each site offers a minimum of 250mb of data storage capacity.

Adding media is made easy. All audio and video can be easily added to your site and quickly downloaded by your customers.

Tailor My Web sites are self-maintainable. That means that at any time you can log into the site administration and edit the content of your site. 

Making your site look just like the way you want is made easy by the Design Chooser found in the site administration. Choose a few options and your site will be looking beautiful in minutes.

There are many specific features that you can add to homepage including; calendars, slide shows, announcements, RSS feeds, countdown timers, advertisements, online forms, web poll and more. 

Contact Forms
Giving visitors a simple way to contact you from your site is great for everyone. You can view all your contacts in one place.

Password Protection
We make it easy to share only the things you want on your website. Give access to members only, or protect sensitive items.

Unlimited Documents, Photos & Files
Host documents like forms and PDFs on your website so you can share links quickly and easily.

Want to sell products online? Tailor My Web has an easy way to sell products through your website with a state of the art e-commerce system. Instantly, turn your website into an online store.

Maps add polish to your contact page and make it easy for customers to find you. They're simple to add and integrate.

Tailor My Web works to make every site we create easily accessible. Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your websites receive as much traffic as possbile by making it visible and highly ranked with search engines. 

With each of our websites we also offer custom email address mailboxes to meet your needs.

Networking is an important part of any business. Connecting social media to your site is quick and easy. Tailor My Web makes it easy to link your social media accounts to different pages on your site. We can also help get you started on social media sites as well as create cohesive branding across site platforms.

Tailor My Web is constantly working to make our websites better. We have a dedicated team working to improve the different features of our sites. This is why we offer free updates to site features as soon as they become available.  

Bring your website to life with bold image galleries that capture the imagination. Whether your website is for business or pleasure, it couldn't be simpler to add, crop, rotate and resize your images to create a stunning gallery without ever leaving the online websitebuilder.

Tailor My Web has the ability to add a members only sections to any website. This is a section of your website that only a certain people that you add can login and get access to exclusive content. You can also create different groups of users, email others, and have more than one calendar. 

When you purchase a Tailor My Web site you are never alone. We have friendly, timely technical support to answer questions and perfect your site. 

Access and manage your website from web-connected computers or tablets. No special software is needed apart from an internet browser.